You know that marketing in the technology sector isn’t easy.

The tech industry is tough to explain – literally. Whether you’re in biotech or software, you’re adept at solving problems and implementing solutions that fix even the most complex technical needs. You’re great at what you do – but you have a hard time explaining exactly what that is to your customers. All too often, the benefits of your company are lost in the shuffle of tech jargon.

That’s because your products and services are technical, which makes marketing hard. Even if you’ve spent time and money on marketing campaigns, you may be frustrated with the lackluster results you’ve generated so far. It’s like you’re speaking in a language that nobody else seems to understand.

There’s a better way.

At New North, we’re experienced with translating your technical know-how into marketing language that your customers will actually connect with.

We work to deeply understand your business and your customers’ needs, and then we work with you to develop campaigns that transform your expertise into real results.

Industries Served.

Managed IT Service Providers

Fixing Your Marketing Problem? Every business uses technology – it’s just a simple fact in today’s world. Some might have one or two desktops. Others have hundreds of different devices, with software that constantly requires updates. And here’s another fact of today’s world: technology doesn’t run effectively 100 percent of the time. When you put those truths […]

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Specialized Manufacturing

Specialized Manufacturers, Specialized Marketing As a specialized manufacturing firm, you understand that success comes from addressing the right problems. Your business is built around that fact, and you’re proud of the quality solutions you produce to meet specific market needs. Specialized manufacturing allows you to hit the nail on the head in terms of product – […]

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Biotechnology Firms

The Science of Marketing What you do as a biotechnology firm is important, but not many people understand what that is as deeply as they should. There’s a lot of love in the tech space for software companies, but we both know that biotechnology firms are just as important as the newest social app. After […]

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AV Integrators

Marketing Strategy That’s as Smooth as the AV Systems you Create and Manage It can be difficult finding the right clients for AV integrators. For one, there are many different AV integration companies out there right now. On top of that, some potential clients might not even know what AV integrators do. That’s why it’s […]

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Engineering Firms

Marketing Strategies that Works as Well as the Projects you Design You understand the value of good design. Whether your firm is focused on consulting engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, or more, you certainly know that design is crucial to getting good results. In the same way, regardless of what type of firm you manage, getting […]

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What Makes New North so Different?

With so many firms out there, how do you choose the right one?

Not every company is right for New North, but if you are looking to grow your company and build an enduring sales and marketing machine, it's time we talk. These are the things that define our unique approach.

Just-Right Pricing

No long term contracts and a 30-day cancellation policy.
Our engagements are agile, meaning we can expand and contract based on your marketing goals. You're in the driver's seat.

You're Always In the Loop

We work as one team, always in sync.
You will see our progress weekly, and planning and pricing are open. You're in the loop as much as you'd like to be.

B2B Expertise

You're not building transactions, you're building relationships.
You need a sales and marketing process that can move thousands of dollars of value in each transaction and build your company the right way.

I would recommend New North to anyone looking for someone to help them with their graphic design and marketing.  They will help you get and keep good customers!

– Terri Ammerman, Ammerman Experience

Ready to Put an End to Marketing Confusion?

Start by Scheduling a Meeting No pressure, just a consult
We Create a Marketing Plan for Your Goals You Decide If It's Right for You
We Lead the Charge for Your Marketing We Work, You Get the Results

What’s It Like Working with New North?

We’ve designed our processes around transparency and a commitment to results. Each process component has been built over years of experience to support those goals. When you follow our lead, you’ll be walking a proven path.

Dedicated Point of Contact

No flip-flop, no B-team. Because we’re an agency focused on B2B, each of our account people are immersed in the industry trends. You have consistent, anytime-access to your team.

Efficient Meetings and Schedules

We don’t like to waste time, especially our clients’. With consistent meeting times, we’re always on time and organized to make the most of each meeting. And, we keep the trains running on time with our work plans that let you relax.

Nothing is Out of Scope

Our entire team is here to serve you. Your engagement size does not limit your services. Simply put, every client gets our best – nothing less. And, whatever we can do for you, we will.

Insight Beyond Marketing

We bring much more to the table than tactics. If we can help shape your marketing, business, or strategy with our experience and expertise, we will. Your success is our success.

Don’t Let Your Business Stagnate.

You’ve needed marketing to help grow your business but you’re not sure what to do.
The marketplace is moving and your next opportunity to grow is quickly within reach as soon as you start.
Don’t let the vision you have for your business pass you by.

A simple, free conversation can change your company today.

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  • Get a feel if New North is right for you

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