The Story Behind Our Core Values

Marketing can feel mysterious – but it shouldn’t. That’s why we created New North and the Marketing Growth GuidepostsTM.

New North was born from a desire to help companies succeed at marketing in a way that removes mystery from the equation. From day one, nothing has been more important than helping our clients break free of the old paradigms and chart a path together for growth. We focus on results, we avoid jargon, and we seek transparency. That’s the spirit behind each of our core values.

These are more than just catchy slogans.

Our values are words we live by. They permeate everything we do as a company.

Core Value: Do the right thing.

You can’t trust someone you barely know. Trust is something that has to be earned and delivered on time and time again. And the key to this is to do the right thing - every time. The right thing might not be easy, it might not be cheap, and it might not be in the contract, but it’s what is needed. It might be a hard conversation about a business model that doesn’t work, or realizing that we have to start over to get it right. We’ve got stories; some are too hard to tell, and some are the basis of 12-year client relationships. Yet in every case, doing the right thing is something we decide every morning at 9am when we open our doors. It continues all day, every day. It’s become part of who we are.

Core Value: Be responsive.

Being alone is tough. Growing a business might mean long nights and sweat equity, but it should not mean that you have to go it alone. We know; we’ve been there. We’ve always thrived working with clients who have a passion that matches ours. It’s made our work less like work, and more like being there to see our clients’ dreams come to life. We’ve always promised to be there every step of the way, from dream to destination. That’s just how we do it. Email, texts, calls, whatever – we’re with you to make it happen.

Core Value: Be teachable.

We know a lot, but we don’t know it all - sorry. We’ve learned early on that working with our clients is a partnership. Our experience and our ongoing learning are all focused on bringing more to the table each time we work with a client. Every day, every meeting, every campaign, we strive to build on our momentum for success. Our clients are brilliant in their own right, and when we work with clients who know their stuff, the combination can set the world on fire. We strive to never get ahead of ourselves, knowing that there is something new to learn around every corner.

Core Value: Work passionately.

Honestly, there is nothing special to what we do. What makes us special are the people, vision and mission that are working at New North. We’ve taken our time to grow, adding people that match these core values and who are looking to make a difference in the world. They say that passion is an uncontrollable force, and that is what lives in the hearts of each person on our team. From day one in our collaborative space, passion is tested in the fire of working in an environment where ideas are shared, problems are discussed, and solutions are vetted. Come visit us and see what it’s like.

Core Value: Make it a "9."

You hear athletes, coaches, and even other companies say things such as “Let’s give it 110 percent,” or “I’d give this a 10 out of 10!” While those are noble goals, they’re not very realistic. No one is perfect, and the odds of something being a “10 out of 10” every single time is hard to accomplish by anyone’s standards, whether they want to admit it or not. At New North, we produce work and relationships that embody the excellence to grow our clients and company. While most companies will try to make everything a “10,” more times than not, they’ll settle for a “7.” At New North, we strive to make everything we do a “9,” a realistic goal that’s solid every time.

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